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The continuous evolution of the market of food supplements, leads to the search for constituent products with increasingly innovative and high-quality ingredients, requiring to shorten the time-to-market.

Following this huge demand, SynBalance, Italian company, focused on the design, development and manufacturing of top-quality probiotic bacteria, is proud to present THE ART OF WELL-BEING, line of ready to go market prototypes, based on our SynbÆctive® ingredients.

The Art of Well-being is an exploring journey in the world of art painting, offering a comprehensive support for different targets inspired by some of the most-know paintings in the world, from Degas to Klimt, passing through Van Gogh.

It includes nine ready-to-go prototypes based on SynbÆctive® line of probiotic ingredients, developed in collaboration with several CMO partner experts in handling such sensitive ingredients, like probiotics.

Based on our experience and knowledge, the products have been formulated choosing the most suitable and compatible ingredients with probiotics, selecting the best galenic forms and packaging materials to guarantee a higher barrier to moisture and oxygen, in order to protect probiotics and to ensure their stability until the end of shelf life of the finished product.

All prototypes are formulated with SynbÆctive® clinically tested probiotics responding to the most demanding needs of the nutraceutical market.


Designed for woman health, across all life-stages. It is based on SynbÆctive® Femme, composed by L. plantarum PBS067, B. lactis BL050 and L. rhamnosus LRH020, tested in several clinical trials showing vaginal colonization from oral intake, protection against urogenital infections and recurrences, restoring the vaginal microbiota in women from puberty to menopause.

Skin Radiance

designed to support skin health, through the rebalancing of the gut-skin axis, based on SynbÆctive® ProBeautyShield. It is composed by L. plantarum PBS067, L. reuteri PBS072 and L. rhamnosus LRH020, clinically tested on atopic and acneic subjects demonstrating an improvement of skin hydration, complexion evenness and smoothness as well as a lowering in skin inflammation, skin sebum and skin discomforts.

Beautiful Mind

Designed for mood relief and stress management in different everyday life pressure-filled situation, thanks to the bidirectional communication between the gut and the brain. It’s based on SynbÆctive® KeepCalm, B. breve BB077 and L. reuteri PBS072, clinically tested in different challenging moment of life as students under exams, workers during pandemic outbreak and women in the first trimester postpartum. All the trials showed an improvement of mood, sleep quality and cognitive functions.


Designed for cardiometabolic prenvention. Based on SynbÆctive® MetSyn, complex composed by L. plantarum PBS067, L. acidophilus PBS066 and L. reuteri PBS072, clinically tested on subjects with metabolic syndrome, which showed a significant reduction of visceral adipose index, triglycerides, fasting plasma insulin and glycemia together with an improvement of HDL level.


Designed for the management of seasonal allergies in adults and kids. It is based on SynbÆctive® AllergAway, blend of L. rhamnosus LRH020, L. acidophilus PBS066, B. breve BB077 and B. longum BLG040, clinical tested in subjects with allergic rhinitis showing a positive reduction of allergic markers as well as an improvement of quality of life. Gut microbiota analysis have been performed, showing a positive fluctuation in terms of genera and species.

Master&Pro & Senior&Pro

Designed to respectively boost the immune systems of adults and the elderly.

Master&Pro based on SynbÆctive® DefensePlus (L. plantarum PBS067, L. acidophilus PBS066 and B. lactis BL050) clinically tested during seasonal changes, showing a reduction of respiratory and gastrointestinal markers, gut microbiota restoration and a reduction of seasonal symptoms.

Senior&Pro is based on SynbÆctive® Wellderly (L. plantarum PBS067, B. lactis BL050, B. longum BLG040 and B. infantis BI221) studied to reduce the incidence of infection and oxidative stress, improving gut microbiota restoration.

YouGut & KidBiome

YouGut for adults, based on SynbÆctive® SmilinGut (L. plantarum PBS067, L. reuteri PBS072 and L. rhamnosus LRH020) clinically tested in subjects with IBS-like condition, improving its symptoms and ensuring gastrointestinal colonisation.

KidBiome for kids, based on SynbÆctive® HappyBelly, blend composed by L. acidophilus PBS066 and L. reuteri PBS072, which showed effective relief from colics and abdominal pain, restoring gut eubiosis thanks to their ability to colonize and persist in the gut over time.

The Art of Well-being can be the starting point for costumer to develop and launch their own product. Each prototype can be adapted for specific needs and formulated in different galenic forms, from capsules to sticks, 3-phase vials or oil-drops, available in different sizes and boxes.

Customization and flexibility are the basis of this collection, to meet the different needs of the market.

The aim of this service is to satisfy customers with specific solution able to increase the competitiveness, while reducing time-to-market by high-quality, stable and efficient formulations. No desire to replace the manufacturers of finished products, but create a network that works together by enhancing the interactions between companies.

Experience the innovation behind SynBalance's YouFirst Collection firsthand by joining us at Vitafoods Europe 2024.

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