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Federica Carrozzo

Member of AgroFOOD Industry Hi Tech's Scientific Advisory Board

Product Manager Nutraceutical

Peer reviewed studies indicate that SelectSIEVE® Rainbow oral supplementation represents a useful approach to address the multifactorial discomfort that is generically identified as skin imperfection. Can you provide more details about the composition of the supplementation and activity of SelectSIEVE® Rainbow?

SelectSIEVE® Rainbow innovatively addresses body shaping and comprehensive skin beauty through a 360° approach. This natural complex, comprising anthocyanins from Black Rice, flavonoids from Orange, fibers, and proteolytic enzymes from Kiwi and Pineapple, targets the skin, veins, and capillaries.

Preliminary in-vitro testing showcased potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, proteolytic, and hypolipidemic activities resulting from the unique properties and synergies of the components. Validated through two consecutive clinical studies, (1) (2) the initial trial with 60 healthy women demonstrated effective body shaping, reducing subcutaneous fat mass, enhancing microcirculation, and decreasing cellulite appearance.

The second clinical study highlighted the multifunctional effects of SelectSIEVE® Rainbow's active molecules, leading to increased skin and vein tonicity, enhanced elasticity, drainage promotion, and fat burning stimulation. These outcomes translated to reduced tight, hip and waist circumferences, improved microcirculation, and diminished orange peel skin appearance. Moreover, SelectSIEVE® Rainbow demonstrated effectiveness in enhancing facial skin, significantly reducing dark circles and eye bags, with positive visible results in skin tone and overall beauty.

 Could you elaborate on the specific skin parameters assessed in the facial skin profilometry, including wrinkledness, moisturization, brightness, and homogeneity? How were these parameters measured, and what were the notable improvements observed with SelectSIEVE® Rainbow?

The skin profilometry of the face was measured using a real 3D camera, based on structured light projection. Ra and Rz parameters were measured to assess the product efficacy in improving the skin smoothness of the periocular area, and the volume was measured to assess the product efficacy in decreasing eye bags appearance.

In facial profiling, SelectSIEVE® Rainbow significantly outperformed the placebo, reducing the Ra parameter (less deep wrinkles) by -12.1%. Again compared to the placebo, a statistically significant decrease in the Rz parameter was highlighted (less marked wrinkles) in the active group: we had seen a reduction by -10.8%.

Very interesting the progressive reduction of eye bags volume vs. baseline, reaching - 9.1% in the active group.

The deep skin moisturization was measured in the cheeks by MoistureMeterEpiD. At the end of the treatment the epidermis water content, compared to placebo, was increased by +9,5%.

Brightness improvement was evident, recording a +30.4% increase in the gloss parameter on facial skin using a spectrophotometer/colorimeter CM-700D.

Always evaluated with colorimetric techniques, the intensity of the colour of dark circles decreased significantly in the group treated with SelectSIEVE® Rainbow, specifically in 75% of the subjects, as confirmed by dermatological evaluation. In fact, there was an increase in the ITA° value which reached +19.9% at the end of the study (the higher is the ITA° value, the lighter is the skin tone).

Can you provide insights into the participants' perceptions of the treatment, especially concerning moisturization, nourishment, and the overall improvement of facial and body skin appearance?

Self-assessment questionnaires show a favourable perception of SelectSIEVE® Rainbow compared to the placebo. At T56, 93.5% of the treated subjects confirmed that the facial skin was more hydrated and nourished, 61.3% stated that wrinkles were less visible, bags/dark circles under the eyes improved for 77.8% of them, the face had a healthier complexion and more even skin tone for 87.1%. Regarding body appearance 64.5% of the subjects in the active group noticed an improvement in their silhouette, 71% stated that their body skin was more toned and 61.3% confirmed that cellulite appearance was less visible, signifying a robust positive response to the treatment.

Can you explain how the use of natural botanical extracts, including black rice seed extract, kiwi dried powder, orange extract, and pineapple extract, contributed to addressing the multifactorial discomfort associated with skin imperfections?

The strong synergy of the natural extracts that make up SelectSIEVE® Rainbow exerts a multifunctional action, improving the appearance of the skin in different conditions.

The flavonoids and anthocyanins of black rice boost collagen endogenous synthesis, improve microcirculation and reduce water retention.

The absorption of carbohydrates is modulated by the flavonoids of orange extract, which also promote thermogenesis and act on lipid metabolism and fat storage.

Pineapple extract promotes tissue drainage thanks to its anti-edema and anti-coagulant properties, carrying out a detoxifying action.

Bromelain from pineapple and Actinidin from kiwi promote protein digestion, contributing to the maintenance of muscle tone.

Shared antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammatory state and protect from free radicals, improving also venous tone.

In summary, this is why taking 300 mg per day of SelectSIEVE® Rainbow leads to an improvement in the general appearance of the skin and a body shaping.

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Regarding the evaluation of cellulite-induced alterations of skin microcirculation, what were the specific findings, and how does SelectSIEVE® Rainbow address these alterations? Are there any correlations between the improvements observed in facial and body skin parameters?

Anthropometric measurements confirmed body remodelling effects, with noticeable reductions in waist, thigh, and hip circumferences. By the study's end these reductions reached or approached 1 cm.

Thermographic assessments using the FLIR E95 infrared camera indicated a clinically significant improvement in skin microcirculation at T56, seen in 58.1% of subjects. Dermatological evaluations further confirmed treatment effectiveness, with 64.5% of participants showing improved "orange peel" skin appearance.

From a broader perspective, how do you envision the integration of SelectSIEVE® Rainbow into skincare routines or as part of a comprehensive approach to skin health?

For sure SelectSIEVE® Rainbow represents a valid ally of the daily cosmetic routine to maintain and to restore the normal aspect of the skin.

The positive effects on the microcirculation and on the metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates, in addition to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and promotion of collagen synthesis, make it suitable for all those food supplement useful for combating cellulite and localized fat.

The product's draining and skin-enhancing effects make it an effective slimming solution. In addition, the effectiveness of SelectSIEVE® Rainbow has also been demonstrated in improving the appearance of facial skin, with a significant reduction in dark circles and bags under the eyes. This application target is truly innovative considering the products currently on the market.

Moreover, the tested dosage of 300 mg/day seamlessly integrates into various delivery forms for a convenient single daily dose. Its versatility extends to beauty drinks, with a distinctive purple colour in solution, providing a trendy and unique appeal and commendable organoleptic performance.