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Amanda Jepson

Member of AgroFOOD Industry Hi Tech's Scientific Advisory Board

Vice President,
​​​​​​​Business Development

What is Biova mission? What are the fields of applications of your ingredients?

We believe in the power of whole food nutrition and the importance of reducing food waste in as many ways as possible. We act on those beliefs by sourcing our ingredients from the waste stream of commercial food production and studying the health benefits that come from them.

Our mission focuses on harnessing and unlocking the natural benefits of egg membrane to develop and supply high-quality, sustainable ingredients for various industries.

Can you explain the unique properties of egg membrane and how it contributes to skin and joint health?

Biova’s egg membrane is rich in protein and several naturally occurring compounds including: collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), which include glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid, as well as all 9 essential amino acids.

All of these components are well known and well researched in the benefits and support they provide for natural body processes.

How does Biova's patented manufacturing process differentiate its water-soluble ingredients from others in the market?

Through Biova’s patented process, the beneficial compounds, found in egg membrane, are released from their natural, tight protein matrix, making them more readily available and easily digested. Additionally, this process allows our ingredients to be water-soluble, which makes it very friendly to formulate with, and gives formulators a huge variety of delivery methods to choose from.

How does Biova contribute to sustainability, and what is the impact on eggshell waste reduction?

Over 26 billion eggs are broken every year in the US for food production. These eggs are used for commercial bakeries, fast food breakfast sandwiches, mayonnaise production, and other commercial food applications.

Biova’s removal of the membrane from the shell makes the shells easier to process into calcium supplementation for feed and fertilizer, and helps to keep billions of eggshells out of landfills per year. It is vital that throughout the supply chain of our industry (and all others) we look for ways to reduce food waste and stop putting things into landfills. Foodwaste is the largest component of landfill waste.

“Enabling healthy and nutritious foods for people and planet”

What are the production methods and the patent technology to obtain your ingredients?

Biova utilizes patented equipment for the removal of the membrane from the shell to ensure the purity of our ingredients. After that our manufacturing process is also proprietary and patented

allowing Biova to produce one of the most beneficial versions of egg membrane on the market.

Can you provide more information about the proven health benefits of Biova's patented ingredients?

Biova’s ingredients have been clinically proven to support joint health, reduce joint discomfort, improve joint mobility, improve hair density, reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and fine lines, and reduce hair breakage.

Which clinical studies have been done to prove their efficacy?

Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies have been performed for both joint health and skin and hair benefits. The benefits demonstrated in these studies are outlined in the above question. These studies are published and available by contacting Biova.

How has Biova's commitment to research and technology played a role in the development of its all-natural, ultra-pure, nutrient-rich ingredients?

Our separation technology results in ingredients that have less than 2% calcium (eggshell) left in them, making them very pure. This is why we refer to our ingredients as egg membrane rather than eggshell membrane – there is virtually no shell.

As mentioned before, our patented process unlocks that tight protein matrix and provides a very rich product profile in many beneficial nutrients.

Can you elaborate on the applications of Biova's ingredients?

Biova's egg membrane-derived ingredients find applications in several key areas:

  • Nutraceuticals: One of the primary applications of Biova's ingredients is in the dietary supplements market. Our ingredients are used in products designed to support joint health, skin & hair health, and overall wellness.
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care: Biova's ingredients are utilized in the cosmetic industry, particularly in skincare products. They can be used in formulations aimed at improving skin elasticity, hydration, and overall appearance.
  • Pet Nutrition: Biova also extends its ingredient applications to the pet supplement market, offering products that support joint health and mobility in animals.

How does Biova ensure the quality and safety of its ingredients throughout the process, from collecting egg membranes to producing the final water-soluble powdered product?

Biova is in a unique position when it comes to quality assurance and controls. We work with some of the largest egg breaking facilities in the USA. We are vertically integrated with the egg breaking facilities and collect the membranes on site at the breaker. The eggs are broken, and the shells move directly into our patented equipment for membrane removal, before being taken to our plant for further processing.

We have strict controls in place to ensure quality and safety of our ingredients. Additionally, we undergo voluntary audit by the FDA and USDA each year to ensure the highest manufacturing standards.