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Ode to the people.
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Stopping the clock with tasty and convenient elderly nutrition solutions

At SynBalance, our mission is to provide highly scientifically-proven probiotic solutions, taking care of people’s health through the modulation of the gut-microbiota.

We trust probiotics, their derivatives and those microbiome-related technologies as cutting-edge solutions for a new era where health comes through the prevention of chronic disease and aging.

SynBalance’s program for a sustainable development is focused on the uniqueness of each human being, just as we appreciate the distinct properties of our friendly microorganisms. Indeed, by considering that each bacteria is unique thanks to their strains-specific activity, we want to celebrate the distinctiveness among people, committing ourselves every day to make our world a better place where everyone is the beating heart of our engagement.


10 principles summarizing our belief about taking care of people’s health.

The challenges of growing older

  1. Responsibility, kindness and respect are the essential elements of our journey
  2. We aim at being a solid bridge between health and wellbeing
  3. We affirm the magnificence of the living and non-living entities
  4. We actively participate at sustainable development
  5. We celebrate, with ardor, the importance of innovation, research and development
  6. We carefully investigate the appropriate benefits for fast-changing nutraceutical market
  7. We glorify the unicity of each individual
  8. We grant safety and efficacy to end-users for durable healthy expectations
  9. We are at the service of probiotics revolution
  10. We keep on exploring the mysterious doors of the microbiota

Together we can achieve even more and build our way into a sustainable future.

SynBalance experts actively design and realize reliable and innovative products aiming at reaching the prefixed goals in our declaration of intent, suiting the market trends thanks to a wide and proven scientific evidence.

Scientifically-backed probiotics solutions go together with a particular attention to competitiveness and time-to-market, making us ideally suited for the fast changing and trend-oriented nutraceutical industry. We offer healthy nutraceutical ingredients that are obtained through a cutting-edge bio-fermentation process, known as white biotechnology. This process is recognized for its sustainable nature and its positive impact on both People and the Planet.

In light of attempting to show praise the people, SynBalance focuses its own business to discover and unlock the health-enhancing potentialities of the microbiota world. We are committed to seeking out sustainable technologies that guarantee safe and ethical approaches to Nature and Humankind. We continue to support consumers in a more holistic approach to wellness, with a particular attention to efficacy. We would like to contribute to general health and reduction of chronic diseases risk, by interacting with localized microbiomes through the gut-mediated modulation.

An example of people care is represented by FEMME, a probiotic ingredient composed by L. plantarum PBS067, L. rhamnosus LRH020, B. lactis BL050. As confirmed by the granted patents, FEMME is a unique formulation based on specific strains from intestinal origin, able to colonize and persist in the GI tract first, then migrating into the vagina for exerting their activity. Their capacity to friendly modulate the vaginal microbiota promoting the replenishment of endogenous lactobacilli represents a sustainable approach and guarantees the persistence of the effects over time. FEMME addresses younger to adults in fertile age and menopausal women, offering solutions against both yeast and bacterial infections as well as in case of any kind of dysbiosis: the microbial inhibition capacity indeed is among the most exhaustive described in literature including E. coli, G. vaginalis, A. vaginae, C. albicans, C. glabrata, T. vaginalis, N. gonorrhoeae together with other gastrointestinal microorganisms.

FEMME has been studied highlighting the different mechanisms involved as pathogens co-aggregation, adhesion to the vaginal epithelium, maintenance an acid pH, production of antimicrobial metabolites and immune-modulation activities. In addition, FEMME demonstrated to colonize and persist in both gastrointestinal-tract and vaginal mucosa, providing long-term effect.

Such an extensive spectrum of efficacy contributes to create the right product on the market, targeting both prevention and treatment approaches in all conditions affecting women along their life-span, elevating FEMME as an everyday-life sustainable ally. Last, further studies are in pipe-line to correlate a balanced vaginal microbiota with the ease of dysbiosis-mediated chronic conditions affecting women quality of life. Indeed, recent clinician’s observations prompted a turn to probiotics to become a second-line treatment, as part of a multi-drug approach, and FEMME keeps all the features to answer such gynecological perspectives.

We are extremely proud of our ingredient because it is a symbol of inclusivity and the result of SynBalance commitment to support people affected by chronic diseases or conditions through the modulation of microbiota.

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