The i-volution in HPLC analysis continues

The advanced i-Series of compact (U)HPLC systems has evolved to include Analytical Intelligence in the Prominence-i HPLC and Nexera-i UHPLC systems. The products combine high-speed analysis, simplified method transfer, automated sample pre-treatment, minimized environmental impact and easy maintenance with the flexibility of working remotely. They are ideally suited for applications in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

Significantly improved analytical productivity
through automation and remote control, resulting in increased efficiency and a reduced risk of human error.

Analytical Intelligence
integrates smart automation and utilizes advanced technology such as M2M and IOT to facilitate maintenance, simplify lab management and ensure consistently reliable results.

Flexible software control by Shimadzu LabSolutions LC/GC, LC-MS or DB/CS for full FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Software packages from other vendors are also supported.

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