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Selection and characterization of nature’s best
to support daily wellness

Stopping the clock with tasty and convenient elderly nutrition solutions

As a pioneer of sustainability-driven innovations, ROELMI HPC studies the world with genuine curiosity, selecting the best of botanicals to create effective ingredients for people’s health and beauty.

Celebrating the Nature’s euphony with a gentle and unique activity, SelectSIEVE® line by ROELMI HPC aims at preserving the inner active phytochemical compounds by offering high scientifically nutraceutical ingredients.

Nature holds in itself the key for body and mind wellness 

ROELMI HPC provides an accomplished line of nutraceutical ingredients to meet customers’ demand for well-being, walking the sustainable path and innovation road, to reach the highest performing results in final formulas. People and environment safety are crucial components of ROELMI HPC philosophy (NIP® Program), moving every process and project development.

An engineering technology represented by a specific molecular sieve is put in place to obtain a comprehensive portfolio of health dietary supplements pillars by respecting and preserving the ecosystem. A set of soft processes permits to select a pool of compounds with specific biological benefits.

It is in this context, that ROELMI HPC presents SelectSIEVE® line. Designed to preserve Nature’s essence, it is a range of scientifically studied botanical complexes, able to modulate specific conditions and discomforts in people daily life. Due to a specific process of selection, these ingredients are able to act on several cellular biochemical cascades, resulting in a complete and well defined activity (table 1).

Table 1. Summary of ingredients applications and key points.

At peace with the world: SelectSIEVE® Zen, the new ingredient for emotional well-being

An example of ROELMI HPC’s commitment in offering ethical and performing nutraceutical ingredients is represented by SelectSIEVE® Zen, the brand-new botanical synergy dedicated to promote mental relaxation and emotional well-being.

It is a phytochemical complex based on Holy basil (Ocimum sanctum), Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) and Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) extracts.

Coming from the valorization of Italian and EU crops and growers, it perfectly integrates the principles of sustainable development aiming at reducing the use of water, soil and energy resources used in the production and favoring the concept of a good practices in terms of new farming technologies.

SelectSIEVE® Zen is designed to target conditions of stress and anxiety helping mental relaxation and mood improvement. It improves sleep quality and induces a sensation of peace of mind, while giving new energy to tackle every day’s difficulties.

The ingredient was tested in neural cells model to evaluate the activity on HPA (hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis) and the support in body answer to stress.

SelectSIEVE® Zen was also found to reduce the cortisol release in neural cells (by 89% in 30 minutes and more than 95% in 1 and 2 hours) and to increase the endorphins release (by 30.2% VS CRT-). The increased level of endorphins is associated with a positive modulation of mood while cortisol is the hormone symbol of stress. The right cortisol balance is essential for health, but in a stressed period this is over produced and maintains the brain in a constant alert. In fact, unbalanced cortisol outputs can lead to physiological changes and can cause unwanted symptoms (such as anxiety, depression, fatigue and many others).

In an open study enrolling 25 healthy volunteers aged in between 20 and 50 years, with a perceived stress condition in daily life, SelectSIEVE® Zen confirmed its activity as:

  • Enhancer of psychological status, improving mood and vigor with a reduction of anxiety and tension (figure 1)
  • Supporter of stress management, driving to a transition from Moderate Stress to Low Stress condition (Perceived Stress Scale – PSS, data not shown)
  • Improver of the sleep comfort, by shortening the falling asleep time and reducing the night time awakenings.
  • (Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index – PSQI, data not shown)

Typical dosage: 300 mg/day

SelectSIEVE® by ROELMI HPC is the ideal range of active ingredients for the development of food supplements targeting efficacy and performances, respecting the ecosystem while promoting physical and mental well-being at 360°.

Figure 1. Improvement of mood. Profile of Mood State (POMS) questionnaires measure six different dimensions of mood swings over a period of time: Tension or Anxiety, Anger or Hostility, Vigor or Activity, Fatigue or Inertia, Depression or Dejection, Confusion or Bewilderment.

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