Biofarma Group is the new Italian and European market leader in developing, producing, and packaging food supplements, medical devices, probiotic-based drugs, and cosmetics exclusively for third parties. With a turnover of around 300 million euros expected in 2022 and 914 employees, Biofarma Group is already a focal point in the Health-Care sector in the Italian and European markets.

Innovation, production excellence, and the high professionalism of the team are the values at the base of this new industrial project. The skills that make up each company of the Group. Six production sites distributed between Italy and France, allow us to offer customized solutions and an even more complete and transversal service ranging from the development of the idea to the finished product, as well as a vast catalogue of products, including dossiers, some of which are patented, available in out-licensing for customers with the possibility of being marketed all over the world.


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  • Around 300 million euros in sales (expected value 2022)
  • 914 employees
  • 6 production sites in Italy
  • 88 state-of-the-art technologies (patented or in the process of registration)
  • 100 thousand square meters, of which 61 thousand square meters dedicated to logistics and production
  • 170 production and packaging lines for food supplements, medical devices, and cosmetics


  • Mereto di Tomba (UD) and Headquarters
  • Gallarate (MI) – Italy
  • Cusano Milanino (MI) – Italy
  • S. Pietro Viminario (PD) – Italy
  • Herbergement, Pays de la Loire - France
  • Sérent, Brittany - France

Biofarma Group IN NUMBERS


They are made in liquid and solid forms in different types of packaging. The areas dedicated to producing these products are high-tech departments and guarantee compliance with the highest quality standards. Furthermore, the strong orientation towards innovation, the ability to understand customers' needs, and the solid collaborations with research centers and professionals in the machinery world allow the Group to create new cutting-edge packaging and product solutions, some of which are patented.

Examples include:

A Dry Cap is a particular type of patented packaging that encloses and separates the powder and liquid within the same primary packaging: an aluminum capsule allows you to effectively repair the dust from moisture, preserving its benefits and health.

T -Win - is a "twin sachet" patented in Italy and awaiting an international patent, a single package that separates and contains two different powders, miscible only when taking the product.

In the Gallarate plant, unique production technology has been developed. This production allows the production of triple-layer tablets and a particular system of microencapsulation of active ingredients, designed to develop new product formulations to release the active ingredient in a gradual and diversified way in the intestine.


In the Mereto di Tomba plant, there is an area authorized and certified by the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) dedicated to the production for the world market - in the same environments and plants - of drugs and food supplements based on lactic ferments. The products are made in a 3,500 square meters site (1,000 are external). It houses 15 production rooms distributed over three floors, in strict environmental conditions in ISO8 class, with temperatures and humidity strictly controlled to ensure best-in-class quality standards and avoid microbial contamination. This division results from constant investments in cutting-edge production processes and solid collaborations, which are fundamental to developing new ideas and creating quality products and competitive solutions on the, North America, Far East, China)


The Group produces medical devices for topical and oral use for gastrointestinal, oral, oropharyngeal, dermatological, proctological, and vaginal disorders. The service that the Group can offer its customers in this field is twofold: on the one hand, it can formulate, develop, industrialize and generate the dossier for third parties; on the other hand, the Group is a manufacturer (i.e., owner of the product dossier) of over thirty MDs, some of which with an international patent, which is distributed in out-licensing. Also, in this case, as for dietary supplements, the effectiveness of DM is supported by accurate clinical studies.


The Group develops, manufactures, and manufactures breastplates for the face, products for the body, hair, hygiene, and care of the skin, even the most sensitive and delicate of children. The ability to read and interpret the market and the needs of customers lead the Group to be sensitive and attentive to the main trends in the sector, such as:

Environmental sustainability - We develop NATRUE certifiable green formulations that reward the use of natural raw materials by promoting a concept of beauty that responds to the application of products with a few simple ingredients. Sustainability also means creating green-friendly technologies for the application of the product. An example of this is the BOV (Bag On Valve) spray cans produced in the S.Pietro Viminato plant that dispense the product (even upside down) using a compressed air mechanism that responds to environmental sustainability requirements.

Beauty In & Out – we promote the concept of beauty linked to health and a healthy lifestyle, with new formulations and beauty products designed to act on the body from the inside, exploiting the nutraceutical properties of some foods.

The Group boasts a total of 170 production lines:

  • 50 lines dedicated to the production of cosmetics, supplements, and medical devices
  • 120 lines dedicated to the packaging of cosmetics, accessories, and medical devices
  • 40 countries in the world where we supply our customers (Europe, North America, Far East, China)


The Group's Research and Development division is constantly committed to designing and innovating products and production processes and, at the same time, translating and anticipating the needs of its customers. The team consists of 50 professionals from the cosmetics, dietary supplements, and medical devices areas and includes a team of employees in regulatory affairs. Thanks to the collaboration with research centers, universities, and start-ups at the regional and national levels. Biofarma Group developed over 2000 annual projects, many of which become products with a high content of innovation capable of establishing themselves on the market as leading products for their quality, sometimes accompanied by clinical studies that testify to the effectiveness of the formulations. The Group can also count on the high competence and preparation of the Apharm team of researchers who, with over ten registered patents and 20 patent-pending, allows the new company to stand out on the market for its sensitive innovative capacity in the world of medical devices.


All the companies of the Group have a quality control laboratory with modern and cutting-edge equipment, which constantly interfaces with research centers and universities at the regional and national level to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety of products.

Thanks to the presence of technologically advanced tools in its laboratories, Biofarma Group can offer its customers a service of development and validation of new analytical methods, with the possibility of transferring forms, if required, in a proactive and personalized approach with the customer to guarantee quality. For example, we have introduced cytofluorimetry in the microbiology laboratory of Mereto di Tomba plant. A new technology that allows recognition and count of lactic acid bacteria; this analytical method has been the subject of a critical study investigating its effectiveness by comparing it with the traditional plate one and discussing the results in a recent scientific publication.

In the Gallarate plant, the acceptance phase of raw materials is technologically supported by NIR (Near Infra-Red), a sophisticated control instrument of the latest generation, which guarantees excellent safety and control.


It releases the lots in compliance with current regulations, guaranteeing their high quality. Here the raw materials, semi-finished and finished products are analyzed using modern and cutting-edge equipment (HPLC, IR, ICP-OES, Dissolution tester, Disaggregation).


Designed and built-in compliance with the requirements of GMP standards, it is divided into several areas with different environmental classifications. It carries out microbiological purity, cleaning, and counting analysis of lactic acid bacteria in the production of probiotics.



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