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Silvana Maini

Editorial director

TKS Publisher


How do we feel when we gaze up at the summit of a high mountain? Our very existence is made up of horizons.  

Looking at a mountain peak horizon immediately makes you think to the challenge of climbing that mountain.  

We question whether we would be able to do it. We try to assess our strength and the resources needed. In that very moment, we decide whether to set foot on the path that winds all the way up to the summit or if we should rather head for the more reassuring lodge in the opposite direction, where they have that amazing beer and delicious food waiting for us. 

Life imposes on us one or more vital horizons every day. 

Looking back to that tasty food in the mountain lodge, indeed, we can say that food is one of those basic things we give for granted in life.  

Eating food is normal for anyone, it is something that sets immediate and (apparently) trivial horizons to aim at. The ancient Neanderthal man and the Wall Street manager of our times share the same horizon upon waking up in the morning, which does not really differ that much from that of an antelope or a lion in the vast African plains, that is, filling the stomach with some food. 

The substantial difference between the caveman and the stock exchange expert is that the former had a limited horizon and could perhaps make do with an animal that had the misfortune to cross his path, while the latter has a taste for food that is much more refined and demanding. The caveman certainly did not complain about having cholesterol problems though (probably just because he did not have a GP bugging him all the time!), while the Wall Street manager probably does. 

The COVID-19 emergency we are going through today has suddenly opened up an unexpected and dramatic horizon we have all been forced to look at. Of the many things it has changed in our lives, the pandemic has limited our mobility by confining us to our homes on lockdown, which has also built up more physical and mental stress in us. We are now more exposed to the dangers of an unbalanced diet, to eating not-so-healthy food, if not totally unhealthy at times. This pandemic has made people bedridden, left others to recover from a disease, or simply get their energy back. People like these can find help from turning to a proper diet and taking food supplements. 

TKS Publisher has always loved challenges, so we thought it was time to take another one! 

We want to promote, or better, create, build and spread knowledge in an area that is vital for all of us. We, as publishers, are launching a new media on nutrition.  

Nutra Horizons has been created with this spirit. It is the mountain guide that will take us to the summit and reach new horizons.  

Nutra Horizons will be about an innovative reporting tool that speaks an innovative language to a sector – nutrition - that is experiencing impressive technological growth, that is formed by many different elements designed to meet the complex needs of the food market.  

For the amazing task that awaits us, we have selected a team with great expertise, which includes food science authors, nutritionists, leading food companies that believe in research and development, opinion leaders and market experts. It will be a challenging and exciting journey, just like a steep mountain climb.  

It is a venture we are determined to do well in, well aware that reaching the summit of the mountain will open up the path to the next peak, the next challenge. 

Many are the reasons that have led us to take this journey. Have we made you curious enough? 

Follow us to learn more and reach new Nutra Horizons together.  

Join us to plant the flag on top of the mountain.

The horizon line