Dr. Cristiana Piangiolino, Ph.D., Market Manager, Nutraceutical - ROELMI HPC

ROELMI HPC aims to be the ideal partner for both active and functional ingredients in Health & Personal Care markets. The design, development and manufacturing of top-quality ingredients could not miss the link with a matrix of partners (universities, scientific entities & professionals) to develop new technologies. Our panel of experts is representative of major international trends and legislations focusing on B2B needs by having a B2C approach and vision. The Italian headquarter is dedicated to R&D and production, supported by international branches in France, Switzerland, United States and China. The US office is the new 2017 opening to support American customers with a local presence.

The Global activity of ROELMI HPC is also supported by the participation to national & International institutions (International Probiotics Association – IPA, Nutraceutical division of National Federation of chemical industry – MIAF Federchimica) allowing to be daily updated about market changing features.

We believe that only the daily action in respect to Environment could lead to a durable result. Following this leitmotiv, represented in our corporate logo by a drop, we perform sustainable innovation: a concrete step forward on the sustainability road. Our program NO IMPACT IN PROGRESS® (NIP) applies to all products and technologies, and it stands as a mission for every process focusing on Quality, People safety and Environment preservation.

In fact, we are approaching the future through innovation and evolution. We aim to protect the value of Nature and People in product manufacturing. We care about the environmental impact of our productions by adopting eco-sustainable processes and renewable raw materials. We aim both to keep high quality standards and efficacies.

Many known raw materials validated for their safety are still to deliver their full potential. The use of a new technological approach made by ROELMI HPC allows release it. Our network of expertise that allow us to bring specific solutions to targeted situations confirms our innovative vision. Our standard and customized offers give the possibility to customers to express all particular activities or target needed.

On selected product line, we applied our SAF-e-CACY® concept of excellence. Aimed at reaching the maximal efficacy that also maintains highest safety results, the concept include a repetitive control of efficacy on every production batch.

The portfolio is developed through two main technologies: Biotech & Nature. The first one, Biotech, has been created by fine-tuning the standard fermentation process. In fact, the know-how about bacteria and the common steps of the technologies, brought to cutting-edge ingredients and multiple applications. The safety aspects of fermentation and the standardization of ingredients purity has remained of high quality, assuring innovative performances and bringing the maximum of life creation into cosmetics. Probiotics and 2.0 Hyaluronans represent here the inner innovation of years. A wide selection of proprietary probiotics strains belonging to Lactobacilli, Bifidobacteria and other species are manufactured to reach the highest potency for a various number of applications. Innovation in Hyaluronans means the invention of Full-spectrum Hyaluronans where the focus is not on a specific molecular weight, but rather on the efficacy of a range of fractions working in synergy, just as naturally happens in our body.

The second one, the Natural technology, includes soft methodologies whose first aim is nature’s respect, followed by the recreation of nature within active ingredients. The integrity of the plant comes first, followed by the integrality of plant compound inside ROELMI HPC ingredients. The real innovation of the products lies in the plant hidden inside them. The use of soft technologies like solvent-free techniques, physical steps (pressure, temperature, or mechanic action) do not alter natural molecules. We focus on biological efficacy, beyond only chemical composition. Biology completes chemistry: Nature’s active systems are based on synergic ranges of compounds, rather than the purity of a single active element.

Through a guarantee of efficacy, quality of raw materials, our constant care for best service, complete dossiers and testing.

Gradual steps of testing, in fact, allow designing the perfect ingredient for a targeted application. We use a range of determined technologies to demonstrate the safety of our ingredients. Bibliography or International list of approval (QPS list for example) are the key point of reference. The efficacy performances of each ingredients is investigated by in-vitro screening process confirmed by in-vivo, ex-vivo tests and clinical trials. In this process, safe and efficient ingredients (respecting our NIP® program) demonstrate a correlation between reproducible activity tests and actual measured physiological activity. It is a guarantee of maximal safety, while keeping highest efficacy. A sustain & demonstration of efficacy performances while maintaining competitive formula costs, innovate while avoiding already patented technologies.

New challenges arose for beauty and health industries, as more and more pressures grew on: legislation, marketing or technology. Flexibility and reactivity are the primary characteristics of our staff. We are able to support with a specific care all our customer’s needs in a short time allowing reducing the time-to-market for a product launch. The expertise of ingredient development is at the service of innovation customization. Our cutting-edge methods of work allow bringing a refreshing approach on efficacy ingredients, within the framework of ever more constraining requests. Our methods of work request the use of leader technologies (production, analysis, testing, formulation and more), as well as a precise knowledge, constantly updated in ever-changing markets.

In your official communication activity, you define ROELMI HPC “the global expert in innovation for health & personal care”. Can you enter into details of what does this mean? What is the added value of becoming global from a marketing and scientific point of view?

Innovation sometimes brings changes that could impact the environment. What does innovation mean for ROELMI HPC? Can you give us some information on your program “no impact in progress”?

Can you enter into details of your ingredients application and on how technology innovation can optimize their biochemical mechanisms?

How are these ingredients tested for their efficacy and safety?

How according to you a company can reach a perfect customized solution?

How is innovation applied to active ingredients?