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You may have been wondering if there is an alternative to existing solutions for cardiovascular health. Thanks to Indena, there is: Vazguard™. This extraordinary product, an extract of Calabrian Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) fruit with a unique  polyphenolic profile combined with Indena’s exclusive Phytosome® delivery system, has a unique mechanism of action that modulates five key blood parameters. Human gold standard studies have shown particularly significant percentage changes in total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides and glucose. Optimised bioabsorption with the Phytosome® system also means lower dosages. A one-gram dose of Vazguard™ is equivalent to a higher dose of polyphenols extract but weighs less and contains less extract. Vazguard™, like the Phytosome® system, is 100% food grade and absolutely safe. The bergamot used is grown in a specific area in the south of Italy, in audited groves and under supervision of Indena. The daily dose of Vazguard™, validated by human studies, perfectly reproduces the quality and quantity of active components in a glass of hand-squeezed Bergamot juice. To know more about why Vazguard™ is a heartwarmingly better alternative, contact Indena today.